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Where are the biggest penises in the world? Empty Where are the biggest penises in the world?

Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:28 pm
The Target map website has designed a map of the average size of penises in the world. The Congo , in Africa, is placed in first position in the ranking with an average size of 17.93 cm . At the other extreme, Asia is the worst endowed continent. Specifically, in South Korea the average size is 9.66 cm, and in Thailand 10.16 cm. The Indonesians are the most gifted of that part of the planet with 11.67 cm.

In Latin America those who are at the top of the ranking are Ecuadorians with 17.77 cm, followed by Colombians and Venezuelans, with 17.03 cm. Spain occupies a modest position number 74 with an average of 13.85 centimeters. Hungary (16.51 cm) is the only country in Europe in the Top Ten. In the United States an average of 12.9 cm was recorded, while in Brazil they reach 15.7 cm and in Mexico 15.68 cm.

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